Thursday, September 8, 2011

A new (kind of) culprit in town!

Anyone notice more and more of these gnarly cigarette filters littering our great outdoors?

We do!

And it's quite sad, disgusting, and takes cigarette filters to a whole other level!

The volume and weight of one of these PLASTIC filters has got to have the equivalent of a bottled water cap or 50+ standard plastic fibrous filters we all know all too well.

I tried to get a comment from Middleton who manufactures them (An Altria/Philip Morris Co.) but they unsurprisingly declined! They too have absolutely no program in place to address this litter.

As if I wasn't already extremely disturbed with the irresponsibility of smokers who litter, this litter probably won't ever break down/biodegrade.

The photo shows how many of these NEW filters were part of a 4,875 batch of butts that Sophia & Alyson hand collected from the Mission Beach area.

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Bye Bye Butts