Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SurfriderSD HOTYB Committee Meeting Wednesday 2/24 6:30pm

Do you hate cigarette butt litter too?

If so, please join us on Wednesday evening for a planning meeting for the 'Hold On To Your Butt' anti-cigarette litter campaign in San Diego. This is a big year with the revival of the butt-flicker hotline (877-211-2888) and more local beach communities looking to expand our outdoor ashcan program. We need to start planning for the annual Hold On To Your Butt Day and maybe you have some ideas to help and ways to spread the message.

2/24 6:30pm at 7590 Fay Ave., 5th Floor Conference Room. Swing on by, the more the merrier. For more info you can email bill@surfriderSD.org

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Surfrider partners with CA State Parks in San Diego County

Shown in the photo, Brian Austin from San Diego Surfrider met with CA State Parks (San Diego County) superintendent Brian Ketterer to discuss methods to reduce cigarette butt pollution, including installation of cylindrical ashcans, and encouraging campers & visitors to "Pack in, Pack out" - bringing all of their trash with them when they leave the beach. The two agencies are working together for cleaner parks, cleaner ocean water, and reduced risk of fires.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cigarettes are litter too!

Even in the southern United States, with its long tradition of tobacco farms and higher smoking rate, motorists in New Orleans are becoming increasingly aware of the cigarette litter problem on roads, and the associated water pollution and fire hazards. This photo was taken along a major residential parkway, seen by thousands of motorists per day.